10 Expert Cleaning Tips You Need to Be Using

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10 Expert Cleaning Tips You Need to Be Using

By : Sophie
For most people sanitising their homes is a chore, and it is challenging for them to find the motivation for cleaning. However, completing basic cleaning tasks is necessary to keep the property welcoming, clean, organised, and odour-free. What to do if you don’t have the time, energy or will to spruce your house regularly?

Here is a complete guide by professional bond cleaners in Darwin outlining ten expert cleaning tips you need to be using. These tips are not only useful for regular cleaning, but some will come handy if you are at the end of a tenancy and need to prep the property for end of lease cleaning.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Odours

Baking soda is a versatile product that is excellent for removing odours from hard surfaces, objects, carpets, upholstery, curtains, beddings, clothes etc. All you need to do is sprinkle the powder on the surface or object generously and let it remain on it for at least 10-15 minutes.

Next, rinse, wipe or vacuum the powder from the area, and it will be as fresh as new. It is a trick many professional bond cleaners in Darwin performing green end of lease cleaning use to deodorise surfaces and objects.

Remove Mould Spots with Vinegar

Are you noticing the formation of mould spots on your ceilings, floors, corners, bathrooms, walls, or any other area in the house? Treat them immediately by spraying undiluted white vinegar on them and let the acetic acid kill the fungi stains.

After waiting for about an hour, gently wipe the area with a cotton rag or disposable wipe. According to expert bond cleaners in Darwin, don’t scrub or wipe to remove the residues too hard as it may lead to discolouration or damage the area.

Vacuum Correctly

It is common to assume vacuuming doesn’t require technique since all you have to do is push the machine back and forth. However, if you want to vacuum your carpets, floors, upholstery, or other surfaces like pro bond cleaners in Darwin, use the technique they employ.

The next time you vacuum, push the machine in a straight line then angle the head at 45 degrees and pull back making a diagonal line, again push forward in a straight line then pull back in a diagonal line making ‘W’ patterns.

Use Multipurpose Equipment

Getting cleaning equipment that can only perform one task is the thing of the past. Now with the advancement of technology, a host of cleaning tools are available which can be used for multiple cleaning tasks. Therefore, while investing in a vacuum cleaner, brush, steam cleaner or any other tool, make sure it comes with varied attachments.

Keep Eraser Sponges On-Hand

Get rid of scuff marks, crayon streaks, greasy messes, and a variety of spots/stains on any surface in minutes by using eraser sponges. They can be rubbed over marks and spots to immediately remove them as you spot them, thus making these erasers excellent for cleaning walls, countertops, storage units, floors, fixtures, appliances etc.

Have a Clean-When-You-Use Policy

It can apply to dishes, cleaning tools, tables, countertops, appliances, toilet seats and other objects or surfaces in your home which are commonly and frequently used. Adopting this policy will help you keep your house clean at all times.

Sweep and Mop Floors Daily

Floors accumulate the most dust, dirt and spillage due to gravity which makes them filthy if not cleaned every day. Therefore, at the start or end of each day (whichever is preferable), please sweep then mop the floors of all the rooms in your home.

Vacuum Carpets Weekly

Carpets and rugs in the home, especially the ones in high traffic areas, can accumulate a lot of dust, debris, and contaminants. Therefore, their shelf life can lessen, bacterial or fungal growth can happen, and they can develop an odour. Therefore, make sure to vacuum your carpets at least once in a week or more if required.

Clean Window/Door Tracks and Frames

Air that passes through these entry points can get contaminated with dust, debris, allergens, and other pollutants if the window/door tracks and frames in your home are never cleaned. In addition, dirty tracks and frames can look unsightly and be a cause of embarrassment, especially if guests arrive at your home.

Disinfect Gadgets with Rubbing Alcohol

Bacteria, viruses, and other microbes can accumulate and grow on regularly and commonly touched items like phones, laptops, remote controls, consoles, etc.

One of the most effective ways to disinfect them is to dip a cotton or microfiber cloth in rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl & 30% water) and wipe the gadget. Make sure the solution wets the surface for at least 3-5 minutes meaning if the alcohol evaporates before this period reapply the solution.

Wrapping Up

With these expert cleaning tips outlined above, you can spruce your house in no time and without applying too much elbow grease. Since these tips are by professional bond cleaners in Darwin, you can use them to safely clean and sanitise the surfaces and objects in your home.