10 New Year Cleaning Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

10 New Year Cleaning Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

By : Sophie
The new year is a new start for most people, which is why everyone feels motivated to keep resolutions. For 2023, it is estimated that 62% of Australians will keep a new year’s resolution.

Thus, you are not alone if you plan to set some goals for the latest year. Since most people want to save money owing to inflation, the majority of new year’s resolutions can be goal related. However, paying attention to your health is equally important.

Keeping your home neat and tidy is one way to ensure you remain healthy and reduce medical bills. Keeping and leaving the rental property reasonably clean for a renter is important to save money.

Thus, you can hire professionals for bond cleaning Darwin to get your bond back in full.

However, besides taking professional help when necessary, look at these 10 new year cleaning resolutions you can keep. Set these resolutions to have a tidy house all year round for a healthy home.

1. Create A Realistic Cleaning Routine & Stick To It

Most people struggle with making a house cleaning routine, but if you want a clean home, you must have a schedule. Start by developing a 10-minute cleaning routine outlining important tasks like taking out the trash, washing the dishes, vacuuming the floors etc. The idea is to go through the motions repeatedly that they become habits rather than chores.

2. Make Your Bed

Doing this small activity can have a major impact on your whole day. When you make your bed in the morning, you have one task done already. Therefore, if you don’t smoothen the bedsheet, fluff the pillows or strengthen the comforter, resolve to do these activities in 2023 every day.

3. Clean As You Spill

Here is a new year’s resolution every member of your household can keep. Resolve to clean spills and messes immediately after they happen. Keep microfiber cloths and a versatile cleaner in a spray bottle in each room to achieve this goal.

4. Never Leave Dirty Dishes in the Sink Overnight

If you don’t wash the dishes at night, the risk of your family contracting food-borne illnesses and viral & bacterial infections is extremely high. Therefore, resolve to wash the dishes yourself or load the dishwasher every night.

5. Dust One Room Every Day

If you are pressed for time and cannot dust your entire house daily, then keep a resolution to dust one room a day to prevent building up dust particles and debris on common surfaces. While dusting, move top to bottom like the professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin to save time, energy and effort.

6. Declutter Every Month

Clutter can overwhelm you visually, causing cortisol, the stress hormone, to increase. Therefore, decluttering is crucial to get rid of unwanted items. Thus, resolve to sort your belongings at least once a month to have a neat and tidy home.

7. Put Away Clean Laundry Immediately

Once your clothes are dry, take them out for folding and put away the clean laundry. This way, neither the clothes will smell nor become too wrangled. Additionally, it will give the washer and dryer time to air dry and prevent mould development.

8. Wipe the Baseboards

Walls don’t get dirty, but their baseboards quickly accumulate dust, stains and spots. They also become dirty with scuff marks, smudges and grime.

Thus, develop the habit of wiping the baseboards every time you mop the floors. Make sure to use a natural cleaner like the green end of lease cleaners in Darwin and sanitise your floors & baseboards sustainably.

9. Do a Nightly Clean-up

Understandably, everyone wants to just sit, relax and sleep after dinner. But, if your house remains messy, sleep can be disturbed. Research has shown that sleeping after doing a nightly clean-up is more peaceful.

Therefore, develop a nightly clean-up routine, including wiping the dining table, vacuuming the living room and kitchen floors, picking up toys etc. the idea is to organise your home a little to wake up to a clean space rather than a cluttered one that gives you stress in the morning.

10. Get a Pressure Washer

Cleaning the deck, garage floor, kitchen tiles, and other household areas with build-up, mould, algae, dirty grouts, and other issues are challenging.

However, if you invest in a pressure washer with multiple water jetting settings, cleaning difficult surfaces becomes manageable with no elbow grease. Thus, if you don’t have a pressure washing machine, see if you can get one in 2023 and use it routinely to keep your indoor and outdoor areas sanitary.

The Bottom Line

The new year is approaching, and it is time for you to keep your resolutions. Most people set resolutions to eat healthily, spend less, travel more etc.

However, this year, focus on your health and vow to keep your house neat and tidy with the 10 new year’s cleaning resolutions that you can actually keep mentioned above.