10 Pressure Washer Safety Tips for Beginners

10 Pressure Washer Safety Tips for Beginners

By : Sophie
Over the years, pressure washing has become an integral part of residential cleaning. Today, power washing equipment can reach surfaces 60 feet high, making them suitable for sanitising house exteriors, driveways, garages, windows etc. It can effectively and efficiently remove built-up mould, dirt, grime, dust, old paint and algae from different surfaces.

Therefore, many people hire professionals for pressure washing specific areas before selling a house, repainting or bond cleaning in Darwin. Professional pressure washing in Australia can cost $150 to $500, depending on surface area and condition.

If you don’t want professional assistance and plan to power wash yourself, renting or buying a pressure washing machine are both viable options. However, you must be aware of the safety precautions to take while operating a pressure washer.

Thus, here are 10 pressure washer safety tips for beginners.

1. Read The User Manual Carefully

Before using any pressure washer, read its user manual to know how to operate the equipment and its accessories. Also, learn about its emergency turn-off process and information regarding the hose, extension cords, and other components.

2. Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

While handling a piece of equipment that jets water at an extremely high speed, you must wear the following personal protective equipment to avoid cuts, flying debris, noise pollution etc. Even professionals performing pressure washing while bond cleaning in Darwin wear PPE to remain safe.

  • Overalls that cover your arms and legs
  • Rubber shoes to prevent slips or falls
  • Goggles to protect against flying debris
  • Ear muffs to cancel severe noise
  • Gloves to protect your hands and have a better grip
  • 3. Brace for Pushback from the Pressure of Water

    Since high pressure from the water can push back the equipment user with extreme force, you must brace for it when you start the machine. Like professional cleaners who offer end of lease cleaning Darwin, you can lean forwards to limit the pushback.

    Additionally, ensure to hold the washer wand tightly in your hands to avoid it from flying out and hurting you or anyone nearby. It is a safety measure even professional take while performing bond cleaning in Darwin.

    4. Never Aim the Pressure at Anybody

    It is a no-brainer that you should never aim the pressure washing wand at a person or animal. Even if it’s just water, the high jet speed makes it dangerous. It can cause serious cuts, bruising and holes. What’s more, if the damage is not visible, you can still have tissue damage and internal bleeding.

    Thus, whether you are pressure washing for bond cleaning or yearly house sprucing, be careful.

    5. Never Use a Gas-fuelled Power Washer in a Close Space

    Always pressure wash in a well-ventilated and open area when the equipment is gas-fuelled. You can use an electric power washer in an enclosed space, and it will not risk accidental poisoning from heavy gas fumes.

    6. Never Stand on a Ladder to Pressure Wash

    Losing your balance and falling from heights are common issues when using a ladder while pressure washing. The pushback from the water jetting is enough to disbalance. You must always remain on the ground and use wands, attachments and extensions to clean higher areas.

    7. Inspect the Surroundings for Hazards

    Before you clean any indoor or outdoor area of your home with a pressure washer, check it for hazards. Ensure the water won’t come in contact with electrical outlets, power cords, extension outlets etc. Also, make sure children, pets and household members are out of harm’s way when you clean.

    8. Use the Right Nozzle

    To get the hang of pressure washing as a beginner, use a wide stream nozzle to minimise the risk of physical injury. Usually, white and green nozzles are the widest and will remove lethal germs, stubborn dirt and grime from a surface.

    However, if they don’t, use the yellow nozzle. If you cannot understand the colours, use a 25° nozzle at a 2 feet distance, and it will do the work.

    9. Depressurise The Equipment After Use

    A common cleaning mistake most beginners make while using a pressure washer is turning off the power supply and letting the pressure remain in the trigger.

    For example, if you removed mould from the ceiling and shut the power of the equipment without depressurising, it can lead to major accidents when you or someone else tries to dismantle the nozzle, spray gun or hose. Therefore, turn off the power supply and then squeeze the trigger to depressurise.

    10. Use The Safety Latch When Taking a Break

    If you pause while pressure washing, make sure the safety latch is put on the equipment before putting it down. Remember this is a temporary measure to prevent accidents, and if you must leave the site for a long duration, turn off the power washer and depressurise it.

    Wrapping Up

    Using a pressure washer for the first time is fun and exciting because it is an effective and efficient cleaning tool. However, pressure washing accidents can happen when you are not careful and are a beginner. Thus, use the safety tips above to ensure you or anyone else doesn’t get hurt while using the equipment.