5 Simple Ways to Get Cat Hair Out Of Your Carpet

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5 Simple Ways to Get Cat Hair Out Of Your Carpet

By : Sophie
Keeping carpets clean is challenging especially for people with cats because they shed fur all year round and if given a wish, most pet owners would choose to have self-cleaning rugs.

Since that is only possible in virtual reality, cat owners have to deal with pet hair daily themselves. But, the good news is with the usage of the right products and methods removing the pesky pelts can be managed easily.

Want to know five simple ways to get cat hair out of your carpet? Here is a complete guide by bond cleaning experts in Darwin outlining easy techniques to employ for making your carpet free of pet hair.

Vacuum the Carpets Daily

Since cats shed fur constantly, it is practical to vacuum your carpets daily instead of weekly or with a gap of a few days. By removing the furs regularly, you will avoid accumulation and also prevent pet hair from embedding deep into the fibres.

While vacuuming the carpets to get rid of pet hair, dander, and other debris make sure to use slow strokes in a W pattern to have optimum results. Many professional bond cleaners use this technique in Darwin.

Doing this cleaning activity every day is especially necessary for people who live in rented properties. Being proactive will help avoid carpet cleaning being a time consuming and laborious task for their hired bond cleaning experts in Darwin.

Sprinkle Baking Soda

One of the easiest and economical products to use for removing cat hair from your rugs is baking soda. First, divide your carpet into four sections and sprinkle this versatile powder in each quadrant.

Let it work for at least 20-30 minutes before starting the vacuuming or brushing process. From the inner corner of each quadrant make your way towards the end to clean the entire carpet in an organised manner and avoid missing any spot.

Baking soda is effective since it loosens the fur in carpet fibres, making it easy for a vacuum cleaner or a brush to pry them out. In addition, baking soda acts as a deodoriser for rugs and will remove any pet odour too.

Invest in a Napping Brush

When the cat hairs are embedded deep in the carpet fibres, it is difficult to remove them by using a vacuum cleaner. Under such circumstances using a napping brush for carpets is the best option as it will pry the fur easily. While brushing make sure to use slow and long strokes from the innermost corner towards the end.

Using the sectioning technique to make quadrants will help clean all the areas in your house efficiently and effectively. Cleaning the carpet with a napping brush every week will prevent excessive hair from accumulating. In addition, it will keep the fibres soft, segregated, and standing, making your carpet appear clean and well-maintained.

Use a Squeegee

If the hairs are visible on the carpet and haven’t been lodged deep in the fibre, the simplest way to collect and remove them would be to use a rubber squeegee. Use the ones that are made for cleaning glass and mirrors. The squeegee can be used dry or wet, but it would be better to spray water on the rubber seal before using.

The squeegee will help make pools of fur on top of the carpet that can be easily picked and discarded. You can use the tool at any time to collect cat hair without investing too much time or effort. Doing this activity before vacuuming or brushing the carpet is a trick many experienced bond cleaning experts in Darwin use.

Collect Pet Hair with Rubber Gloves

Use a pair of common housekeeping rubber gloves to collect and pick up cat hairs your canines have shed on the carpets. Rubber is an excellent material to which the fur sticks making it easier to remove them with such gloves. Like the squeegee, you can use the gloves wet or dry, but it is preferred to spray a little water before rubbing the rugs.

These gloves can be used for removing fur from carpets, floors, upholstery, curtains, beddings, countertops and any surface. This trick is often employed by bond cleaning experts in Darwin to get rid of excessive pet hair before vacuuming the carpets.

Wrapping Up

By using these tricks, you can keep your carpets free of cat hair and make your house look clean, maintained, and odour free. Knowing these ways is especially crucial for tenants because keeping the carpets clean regularly will help sanitise them at the end of tenancy easily by hired bond cleaning experts in Darwin.

In addition, it will be economical as well. What are you waiting for? Sanitise your rugs with these methods and prepare to be shocked at how excellent the results are!