5 Ways To Get Dog Smell Out Of The Couch

a dog sitting on a couch

5 Ways To Get Dog Smell Out Of The Couch

By : Sophie
Keeping your home clean and smelling fresh at all times is a great challenge with dogs. Besides pet hair, your pooches are responsible for odours that can make the house smell bad.

The odour can come heavily from their favourite spots of sitting, and it can be a massive problem if it is your couch where they lounge. Dog owners often need to sanitise their couches more frequently than non-pet owners because the furniture has hair and odour.

Having a smelly couch is a serious problem which can be rectified by hiring professional cleaners in Darwin to clean the upholstery. Alternately, you can clean and sanitise the furniture yourself. Here are five expert ways to get dog smell out of the couch like professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin.

1. Vacuum Regularly

If possible, try to vacuum your couch and its accessories daily or as often as possible. Collect the pet hair stuck to the furniture with rubber squeegee or gloves and dispose of before vacuuming. It will help if your vacuum cleaner has HEPA filters that will maintain the air quality and get rid of common allergens like dander and dust in a home with pets.

While vacuuming, make a ‘W’ pattern with slow and deliberate strokes pushing the head of the machine forward in a straight line and moving it diagonally when pulling back. Professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin use vacuuming techniques like this to get optimum results and complete tasks within the stipulated time.

2. Use Baking Soda

Often end of lease cleaners in Darwin use baking soda for cleaning surfaces and also deodorise them. Baking soda is excellent for removing pet odours naturally and organically. Here is an effective method you can use to remove dog smell from your couch.

  • Sprinkle baking soda on the area where your pooch usually sits. Make sure you smatter the surface with the powder generously.
  • Leave the powder to absorb the smell and contaminants on the couch for at least 45 minutes to one hour.
  • Vacuum the couch to collect the powder to make your couch look and smell as good as new.

3. Wash Covers and Blankets

Wash the blankets and covers for the couch, cushions, and pillows every week to get rid of pet odour. Remove pet hair from these covers and pullovers before tossing them in the washing machine. Laundering these things will make a huge difference in the smell, and it is necessary for maintaining cleanliness.

In case the covers are non-removable, you can vacuum them after sprinkling with baking soda to freshen them. Send heavily soiled or dirty blankets for dry cleaning to make them smell good and look clean.

4. Invest in Useful Cleaning Equipment

Having the right equipment is crucial to keep your couch clean and sanitary efficiently and effectively. For your couch, you need to have a high-performance vacuum cleaner that comes with upholstery cleaning attachments. You can consider purchasing a carpet shampooing machine that cleans upholstery as well.

What’s more, you can invest in a versatile steam cleaner that will sanitise and disinfect your couch and other surfaces in the house without using harmful chemicals.

If you don’t have the budget to buy any of these machines, you can rent them for a few hours at an affordable rate as frequently as necessary. Additionally, you can get your couch deep cleaned by professional cleaners in Darwin every few months.

5. Use a Pet-friendly Freshener

The best way to make your couch odour-free is to keep it sanitised and deep clean it regularly. After removing pet hair from your couch, you can use enzyme deodoriser to ensure the furniture smells good longer.

Depending on the type of couch, you can get an enzyme deodoriser that is pet friendly and safe for the environment. Avoid getting fresheners with harmful chemicals. Instead, opt for organic and non-toxic couch/upholstery cleaners.

The most effective method of using this product and sanitising the couches is to spray the deodoriser on the area, letting it dry for a few minutes, and then vacuuming thoroughly.

How to Prevent Pet Odour on Couches?

It is challenging to keep your couches, where your lovely canine loves to snuggle, free of pet odour. However, you can take preventive measures to minimise it. Here are useful tips by professionals on how to prevent pet odour on couches.

  • Place removable covers, blankets, and sheets over your dog’s preferred spot on the couch. Make sure you have a few pairs of each to rotate and wash regularly.
  • Bath your dog regularly and keep it groomed. Often pet odour is strong when dogs are not bathed often.
  • Get area rugs and mattresses for your dog to sit comfortably beside the couch. You can sanitise these rugs and mattresses regularly reducing the need to clean your couch frequently.

The Bottom Line

If your beloved canine likes to snuggle on the sofa, pet odour is inevitable. However, by using these five ways, you can get dog smell out of the couch. Additionally, the expert tips shared above will make it easier to prevent pet odour from your furniture.

These cleaning methods and tips are useful for the regular upkeep of your couches, but they don’t eliminate the need to get your furniture deep cleaned by professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin. Thus, make sure to clean and get your couch cleaned as required.