7 Key Questions To Ask Before Hiring Bond Cleaners

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7 Key Questions To Ask Before Hiring Bond Cleaners

By : Sophie
When you move out of the rental property, you have to deal with several difficult tasks, but perhaps the most challenging one is to clean the property.

When you are occupied with utility transfer, packing, address change, taking care of kids and other similar responsibilities, it is possible to overlook the dusting and scrubbing of the property. However, you cannot avoid the task because the refund of the bond money depends on the level of dusting and vacuuming.

Therefore, the tenants usually prefer to hire professionals to get the best end of lease cleaning in Darwin. The professionals use modern tools and follow the latest method to give you the best possible result. But make sure that you hire a reputed company. As there are so many options in the market, choosing the right one can be confusing. To make the task easier, ask some important questions to the companies before hiring them.

Read on to know more about the key questions to ask before hiring bond cleaners.

1. What services do you offer?

One of the first questions you should ask before hiring bond cleaners is what services the company offers to its customer. All reputed companies understand the diverse requirements of the customers, so apart from the end of lease cleaning, they also offer other vital services that will help to deep clean the house, carpets, oven and BBQ, and even office. It allows you to choose the right service and impress the property owner with a sparkling clean property. Perfect result will help you to get back your entire security deposit.

2. How many years have you been in the cleaning business?

Before you hire professional cleaners, it is crucial to know how much experience they have in this genre. Dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing different household surfaces is more difficult than you think it is. Therefore, you should count on seasoned cleaners.

They have experience of cleaning different types and sizes of property, so they know about the difficulties involved in the process and how to resolve them at the earliest. The experts understand what exactly the property owners check during the final inspection, so they clean accordingly.

3. Do you bring your own supplies and equipment?

You should also ask the companies whether they bring their own cleaning supplies or you will have to take care of that. If the professionals do not use their own cleaners and tools, you should look for other options. Professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Darwin make their own cleaning solutions and use modern tools.

The companies ensure that their professionals only use those chemical-free products and methods to clean a property. They use a powerful vacuum cleaner and even steam carpet cleaner to give you an unmatched result.

4. Do you have your own cleaning professionals?

Several cleaning companies undertake a cleaning project but subcontract it to a third party. It can significantly diminish the quality of cleaning. Therefore, before finalising a company, make sure they have in-house cleaners and do not hire staff on a contract basis.

All reliable companies have their own cleaners who get thorough training about using modern tools and how to complete the task perfectly and smoothly. Such companies conduct a quality test from time to time to make sure that they have the best professionals. So, never forget to ask if they have in-house staff or not.

5. Do you give assurance of quality?

A reputed organisation never hesitates to give you the assurance of quality. If a company is not giving you the assurance, they do not have confidence in their professionals, which is a matter of concern. You should not forget the quality will decide whether you will get back the bond money or not.

A company that assures you will leave no stone unturned to ensure that every nook and cranny of the property looks perfectly clean. Despite the efforts of the professionals, if the property owner finds a major flaw in the result, the company will resend the cleaners to resolve the problem for no extra charge.

6. How do you decide your cost?

This information is also very important because it will help you to avoid excess cost, and you will be able to clean the property within your budget. Different organisations follow different guidelines to determine the cost of their service.

Some charge their customers on an hourly basis, others set the price as per the number of cleaners they are sending, and there are also some, who offer a quote as per the size of the property. You should choose the one who offers a quote and stick to it.

7. What are your inclusions and exclusions?

Every company have their own inclusions and exclusion list, so you need to ask about it to the company you have shortlisted. All reliable organisations vacuum the carpets, spot clean the walls, remove cobwebs, clean oven and other appliance, remove grease from range hood exhaust and filter and other basic spots. If your company excludes these basic tasks, it doesn’t make any sense to hire them.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get back your security deposit, make sure that you are hiring experienced end of lease cleaners in Darwin. Ask the question mentioned above to the companies you have shortlisted, and it will help you to select the best one. The entire selection procedure can be time-consuming, so it is advisable to start your research as soon as you decide to move out of the rental living space.