7 Tips for Get Rid of Pet Hair Around Your Home

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7 Tips for Get Rid of Pet Hair Around Your Home

By : Sophie
Pet hairs are pesky and hard to get rid of as they embed themselves in every nook and cranny of the house. Since pet hairs are light, they travel through your home’s indoor air and settle in different areas. You can find pet hair in couch crevices, on light fixtures, under the bed, on countertops, and almost all furniture.Your home becomes a hub of pet hair and odour without regular cleaning, which is unpleasant for household members and guests alike.

Tenants can lose their bond if the rental premises have pet hair on the final inspection day. Therefore, pet owners commonly hire professionals for end of lease cleaning in Darwin to get their bond back in full.

Besides seeking professional help when necessary, follow these seven tips to generally get rid of pet hair around your home and keep it sanitary at all times.

1. Brush Your Pet Outside The House

During shedding season or any other time as well, your pet’s fur can fall and spread rapidly while brushing. Develop the habit of brushing your pet outside the house to avoid this problem. You can brush them in the garage or patio to sweep bunches of fur easily and without hassle.

The best time to brush your pet is after their walks, as it will also ensure they don’t have dust, leaves, twigs or other things in their hair upon arrival at home.

2. Get Your Pet An Area Rug

Identify spots where your fur baby like to sleep, eat and sit the most and place area rugs at these spots. This way, you prevent pet odours from permeating carpets, couches, floors and other places in your home.

Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes and are much easier to wash, making them the perfect items for your pet’s comfort and keeping pet hair out of household surfaces.

3. Groom You Pet Regularly

Develop a regular grooming routine for your pet to ensure they shed less on household surfaces. You should have brushes and combs at home to brush your pooches fur and remove excessive hair.

Some breeds of pets shed more than others, and you should know how to brush their undercoat, especially during seasons they lose the most fur.

Schedule routine trips to a reliable pet grooming centre if you lack the time or energy to groom your pet. Professionals can bathe and groom pets to ensure they are clean with trimmed nails and fur.

4. Invest In A Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Pet hair is home to microbes, allergens and dust, making it crucial to remove them not only for the odour they spread but also to reduce the risk of falling sick repeatedly. Vacuuming manually every few hours is not practical, which is why investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner is a wise solution.

These modern machines are remote-controlled and you can schedule them to vacuum the floors at any time automatically. Thus, they can pick pet hair, dust and other debris from hard floors or carpets round the clock.

5. Sweep & Mop Daily

When you have pets at home, your hard floors are hot spots for dust, dirt and pet hair that make them unsanitary without regular sweeping and mopping. Using a broom, you can effectively and efficiently remove pet hair from the floors that can shield germs from the disinfectant when you mop.

Even professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin clean then disinfect surfaces/fixtures, as it is the correct way to sanitise and get the best results.

You must perform these activities daily and also twice a day to clean common spots for pet hair if you have multiple fur babies. This way, you can maintain household hygiene and get rid of pet hair in your home like a pro.

6. Collect Fur With A Rubber Squeegee

Collecting pet hair stuck to carpet fibres or upholstery is difficult but you cannot sanitise these items without removing them first. To save time and energy, you can use a rubber squeegee to bunch pet hair and pick them up without any hassle.

It is a professional trick end of lease cleaning experts in Darwin often use while sanitising properties with pets. You can also use this technique to remove per hair from hard floors, countertops, shelves, and other flat surfaces in your home.

7. Get A Napping Brush

Cuddling with your fur baby is a great feeling, but you can have pet hair on couches, beddings, floors and carpets after a cuddle session. Keep a napping brush on hand to remove them without elbow grease.

These cleaning tools have soft yet firm bristles that help push fine and coarse pet hair from fibres, mattresses, cushions and paddings. To get the best results, make sure to start inward and brush onwards in long strokes instead of rubbing.


Maintaining household hygiene with pets at home is challenging for every pet owner. Keeping your fur baby’s hair out of surfaces and fixtures is an uphill battle. By following the tips shared above, you can get rid of the peskiest pet hair around your home.

However, if you are ending a lease agreement, it is best to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin to pass the final inspection without stress.