9 Fun House Cleaning Activities For Kids

young mother and kid enjoying house sprucing chores

9 Fun House Cleaning Activities For Kids

By : Sophie
Keeping your house neat and clean with children is challenging even when you have a daily cleaning routine. However, it is crucial you tackle the mess every day and maintain household hygiene, as children get sickand fall repetitively in a dirty home. Also, it will help avoid irreversible wear and tear, which is a major problem when you live in a rented property.

Professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin can sanitise the real estate, but they cannot do anything about discolouration and other damage caused by inadequate cleaning. Therefore besides sticking to your cleaning routine do the following house cleaning activities with your children to teach the importance of keeping the house hygienic.

1. Play Musical Cleaning

Music is an excellent mood elevator that can make any activity fun and exciting for your children. Here is how you can play musical cleaning with them.

  • For kids under the age of eight, play spunky songs like Baby Shark, Gummy Bear, Crazy Frog etc. Get your children to do small chores like dusting, folding laundry, decluttering, storing toys and more while playing such music. If your child responds well to poems and rhymes that suggest actions, then play these songs to involve them while house cleaning.
  • For older children and teenagers, you can create a playlist of their favourite songs. Play these songs while doing chores to encourage them.

2. Bust the Dust

Dusting is a cleaning task that children can quickly learn and do. To make it fun, give them microfiber dusters with adjustable handles or gloves, which they can use without difficulty. Microfiber cleaning products are great tools that even professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin use as they are antimicrobial and user-friendly. Thus, they will be perfect for getting desirable results.

Before starting the activity, ask them to envision busting dust bunnies and particles to motivate your children.

3. Relay Cleaning

Select three or more small chores and a relay race among household members. The rules of the game are listed below.

  • Create teams to compete
  • Assign one task to one member of each team
  • Once a player completes a task, he/she has to pass a baton or tap the other team member, after which they can start doing the chore assigned to them.
  • The team to finish their tasks first wins.

This game is fantastic for bonding with your children and teaching them that cleaning can be fun and rewarding.

4. Pick and Swap

Decluttering is crucial for keeping your home neat and organised. To get your kids involved in this activity, make it exciting by asking them to pick a room and find five or more clutter items that belong to someone else in the household.

Additionally, ask every household member to do the same. After everyone is done, sit down and swap items among the group to get things that belong to you and keep them at their proper place. Through this game, you can make your children keep their toys, clothes, and other belongings responsibly and avoid littering rooms.

5. Who’s the Fastest of Them All?

Make cleaning tasks exciting by setting a timer and seeing who can finish a chore assigned to them the fastest. Divide easily manageable tasks among your children and let them race against time to get a reward if they win. You can create a cleaning checklist like professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin and assign deadlines. This way, the tasks will be completed in time, and your children will be enthusiastic about them.

6. Glide and Mop

One of the best ways to get children interested in mopping is to hand them the item and ask them to glide with it from one end to another. Make this activity even more playful for them by dividing each room’s floor into two or more sections and rewarding the person who finishes mopping first.

7. Spin the Wheel

Ask your children which cleaning activities they prefer doing and write them on a cardboard box that can be spun. Use the wheel to let your children randomly choose an activity and perform it with them. In addition to stating the chores, add a few rewards on the wheel board to keep your children interested in playing this game. The rewards can be no cleaning, chocolate, car ride, and other things that will make your kids happy.

  1. Manage the Hose

While washing household surfaces, fixtures and objects, ask your children to manage the hose to make the activity less time consuming for you and fun for your kids. Ask them to run the water when required and save your energy, particularly while washing large areas and items.

9. Gobble the Dust

Teach your kids to vacuum carpets, upholsteries, windows, floors etc. Ask them to imagine the vacuum cleaner is gobbling dust, dirt, and other contaminants and make the activity a game for them. Initially, provide assistance to ensure they know how to hold and use the equipment. Then, slowly start giving them small areas to vacuum and once they can use the machine independently, get them to vacuum larger fixtures and surfaces.

The Bottom Line

Inculcating good cleaning habits in children is crucial to make them responsible and maintain hygiene in your home. Often, people struggle to keep the house neat and tidy when they have kids and it becomes a significant issue, particularly when you are renting a property.

You can hire professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin to deep clean the property at the end of a tenancy. But, for keeping your abode organised and sparkling every day, get your children interested in cleaning by engaging them in the fun house cleaning activities mentioned above.