9 Ways To Make Household Cleaning Fun

young woman looking happy while sprucing her house

9 Ways To Make Household Cleaning Fun

By : Sophie
House cleaning is one of the least favourite activities for most people. It requires attention, concentration, time and energy, which many lack due to professional or personal commitments. However, maintaining household hygiene is crucial to have a healthy home, reduce stress and avoid getting sick frequently. Regular cleaning is also essential to improve indoor air quality and keep your home looking neat and organised.

You can hire experienced end of lease cleaners in Darwin when ending a tenancy or avail a professional house cleaning service for deep cleaning your home. Even then, you still need to sanitise household surfaces and fixtures regularly. Thus, here is a complete guide listing nine ways to make household cleaning fun.

1. Get Quality Cleaning Supplies

Often you cannot feel motivated to clean your home because there is a lack of necessary and quality supplies. Professional bond cleaners in Darwin can effectively and efficiently clean homes as they have the products, tools and equipment required to do their work. Therefore, you should invest in good cleaners, disinfectants and tools to sanitise your home anytime.

Create a cleaning station where you and other household members can easily find supplies. Start by getting basic items such as multi-surface cleaners, organic liquid soap, microfiber cloths, vacuum cleaner, mops, brushes, sponges etc.

2. Keep Yourself Entertained

Make house cleaning fun by keeping yourself entertained while wiping, dusting, vacuuming or doing other home sanitation activities. Make a playlist of your favourite songs or podcasts to listen to when cleaning. You can also watch a movie but make sure it doesn’t distract you from the tasks. Other ways to keep yourself interested while cleaning include talking to a family member/friend, listening to an audiobook, catching up on the news, keeping the TV running in the background etc.

3. Develop Small Routines

Instead of dedicating hours on one day for cleaning every area of your home, develop small 10-15 minutes cleaning routines. This way you can keep your house neat and organised at all times without feeling burned out or bored.

Your cleaning schedule must include important tasks such as making the bed, washing dishes, doing a load of laundry, sweeping/mopping floors etc. Additionally, you can make routines for cleaning in the morning, afternoon, evening and night as per convenience.

4. Set A Timer For Tasks

Challenge and motivate yourself and others to clean by setting a timer for cleaning chores. Use a stopwatch to see how long it takes to complete a task and beat the time next time. This way, you can feel a sense of thrill and excitement while cleaning and also feel good when you set a new record time or break a record of another family member. Even professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin time their tasks to complete their work efficiently.

5. Reward Yourself & Others

When incentives are associated with a task, it usually becomes interesting. Therefore, it is easier to feel motivated when you reward yourself or your household members for cleaning. You can set rewards for completing cleaning routines for a day or thoroughly cleaning the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or other house areas.

6. Get a Fresh Start With Professional Help

Often cleaning your home when it is messy and dirty is challenging, and it is common to feel uninterested in cleaning it. But, if you avail of professional house cleaning services in Darwin, it helps give you a fresh start. It is easier and more manageable to sanitise your house after it is cleaned by professionals, which is why cleaning becomes fun.

7. Make It A Group Activity

Cleaning with household members is one of the best ways to make the activity fun because doing it alone is usually boring and tiring. You can choose a day every week to complete multiple cleaning chores with family members. Create a cleaning timetable and delegate deadline and ownership to each task to get them completed in time. This way, you and other household members can accomplish a lot without feeling stressed or burdened.

8. Declutter Before Cleaning

By reducing trash and clutter in your home, you can clean household surfaces and fixtures speedily. Clutter hogs space, hampers movement and elevates your stress levels, which is why to make cleaning fun you should get rid of unwanted items first. It also helps you organise your belongings and segregate things you can resell or donate from items you really want to keep in your home.

9. Take Before & After Pictures

Before you clean an area or fixture, take a picture, then take another one after cleaning. This way, you can document your progress and feel a sense of accomplishment. You can show these pictures to your family members and friends and feel motivated to clean regularly.

The Bottom Line

Most people are guilty of putting off house sanitation chores until the last moment because they are unexciting. You can delegate cleaning to professionals by hiring experienced house cleaners or end of lease cleaners in Darwin. But, follow the tips shared above to make household cleaning fun generally.