Can Cleaning Help Reduce Stress?

happy young woman enjoying while sprucing up her house

Can Cleaning Help Reduce Stress?

By : Sophie
Cleaning-related tasks are rarely enjoyable, and most people treat them as chores. These tasks are often procrastinated due to lack of time, energy, or motivation. However, cleaning your house is necessary, and should be done regularly for various reasons. Cleaning helps keep indoor air quality good, prevents the accumulation of illness-causing germs and promotes better physical health.

However, these are not the only reasons why cleaning is beneficial, as it is excellent for your mental well-being too. Depending on the requirement, you can hire professionals who perform deep cleaning of houses or end of lease cleaning in Darwin. But regular sanitation is crucial, and it makes you happier and healthier. Take a look below to know how cleaning is holistic, and helps in reducing stress.

You Have a Sense of Control

Cleaning the house can make you feel empowered, considering you are taking action and controlling your situation. There are times when you cannot control things in your life, but keeping your house clean is not one of them. For example, you can forget about work from home stress, poor social life, and risk of contracting COVID-19, by keeping your surroundings neat and tidy. Take charge of keeping your abode clean and disinfected to feel relaxed and less anxious.

Cleaning Helps Release Endorphins

Endorphins are popularly known as the happy hormones that elevate your mood and keep stress at bay. How can cleaning help release endorphins? It is a form of physical activity that releases the same neurochemicals that are produced when you exercise. Working out aids in the production of endorphins, making you feel invigorated. It also stimulates the production of the happy hormone because you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Helps You Live in a Mess-Free Environment

Mess and disorganisation in the house often make you stressed, anxious, and irritable, causing mental distress unconsciously. People with neat and clean homes feel happier every day because they worry less about pending cleaning tasks and don’t get distracted by clutter or uncleanliness.

Note: If you cannot clean your house, especially at the end of your tenancy, then seek the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin. Professionals can clean your house and make it a neater and tidier.

It Clears Your Mind

Cleaning requires focus with good hand-eye coordination making it an engaging activity that can help rid your mind of worries and unwelcome thoughts. Cleaning can clear your mind and help gain a better perspective about things. Often people find cleaning to be a holistic activity that helps them take a break from stressful situations or thoughts.

If you use cleaning as an escape, make sure you address your issues and deal with difficulties rather than running from them. Clean to feel better and clear your mind, not to hide from your problems.

It Provides Structure

Anyone can feel stressed due to lack of routine, which is why when you develop a cleaning schedule, it provides structure to your daily life. By following a cleaning checklist or routine every day, you can feel a sense of accomplishment and enjoy living in a clean and organised home. Even professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin follow cleaning checklists while sanitising homes to streamline their work and complete tasks in a structured manner.

To have a checklist, you can either create one by looking at various cleaning task lists available online or using mobile applications that outline various tasks you can edit or personalise.

It Can Get Your Bond Back in Full

Tenants usually feel anxious and stressed at the end of tenancies because they have to perform end of lease cleaning to get their rental bond repayment. Getting professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin to help you deep clean the house or doing it yourself can help with your worries. The best way to reduce stress related to cleaning your rental property and getting your bond back is to live responsibly during your tenancy and complete necessary tasks like cleaning carpets, sanitising the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen, etc., in time.

It is Refreshing

Sprucing your home every morning and tidying it every night reduces stress and makes you feel refreshed for many reasons.

  • Your home remains welcoming throughout the day, and you don’t have anxiety about coming home to a messy house.
  • Every household member has clean clothes to wear, clean dishes to eat/cook, clutter-free spaces to rest, a tidy bed to sleep, and much more.
  • You can invite family members, friends, neighbours, and others anytime to relax and de-stress with you at home.
  • The indoor air quality is good, and your house smells good.

The Bottom Line

Who doesn’t like having neat and tidy spaces in the house to relax after a long day? Besides this, there are many other reasons why cleaning your house is important and why you should sanitise your home every day. You can do-it-yourself for regular cleaning and take the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin for bond cleaning and getting the rental bond repayment. Clean your house regularly as it can help reduce stress for the reasons mentioned above and keep you happy.