Carpet-Cleaning: Tips and Guidelines

Carpet cleaning by women

Carpet-Cleaning: Tips and Guidelines

By : Sophie

Carpets make homes comfortable, cosy and aesthetically appealing, which is why they are welcome additions in houses and apartments.

However, these fixtures require routine cleaning and maintenance; else, they can smell and look bad. The fibres of dirty carpets become hot spots for bacteria, viruses and mould besides dust, dirt and grime. They can severely impact the indoor air ambience of your home and make household members fall sick frequently.

Moreover, dirty carpets are a major cause of concern at the end of a tenancy because they can make you lose your rental bond. You can hire professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin to clean the fixtures. Additionally, there are carpet cleaning tips and guidelines for keeping these fixtures sanitary and avoiding a dispute with your landlord.

Get New Carpets Professionally Cleaned

New carpets look pristine even with vacuum cleaning, but they accumulate dust and dirt that is not visible in the short run. Therefore, you should get new carpets cleaned by professionals to get the best results and prevent the fixtures from getting dirty. This measure is also beneficial for prolonging the shelf life of the carpets and avoiding nulling the manufacturer’s warranty.

Never Use Harsh Cleaners

Don’t make the mistake of using commercial cleaners that contain harsh chemicals to remove old and tough stains. These products can burn or discolour the carpet fibres, causing permanent damage. Therefore, avoid cleaners with the following ingredients.

  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Sulphates and Phosphates

Always Dab Stains

A common mistake non-specialists make while removing stains from carpets is to rub them. This cleaning method leads to the stains smudging and embedding deeper into the carpet fibres. Instead of it, apply a technique by professionals performing end of lease cleaning in Darwin – blot the stains until they disappear.

Use a paper towel or microfiber cloth to dab the affected area to absorb excessive moisture. Apply the cleaning solution, then blot until the cleaner and the stain are removed. Afterwards, vacuum the spot to remove any remaining residues.

Clean Messes Immediately

Don’t let spills, grime and dust remain on carpets for long as they will solidify and matte the fibres. Keep cleaning tools and equipment handy to clean messes immediately after they happen or you see them.

When you don’t give messes time to dwell, you don’t need to apply strong solutions, use cleaners repeatedly or invest time or energy cleaning. Vacuum clean the affected area when you spot dry contaminants on the carpets. Use microfiber cloths, paper towels or a dry mop for wet messes and absorb the moisture.

Divide Carpets Into Quadrants

Dividing the carpets is a professional trick experienced end of lease cleaners in Darwin use to simplify the process and avoid recontamination of sanitised areas.

Thus, whether you plan to spot-clean, vacuum or brush the carpets in your home, divide them into four quadrants. While cleaning, start from the inner-most point, moving towards the edge and back to the centre to get the best results.

Test Cleaners Before Use

The risk of damage is high when you use a new cleaning product on your carpets without testing it first. To know if a product is safe to use:

  • Apply it as per directions on the label on an inconspicuous spot of the carpet.
  • Give it proper dwell time to see if it discolours or burns the fibres.
  • Perform this test whether you are using a homemade cleaner or a commercial cleaning product on the carpets.

Sanitise Carpets In High Traffic Areas Frequently

You must identify carpeted areas in your homes with the most footfall and develop a routine to sanitise them frequently. Carpets in living rooms, hallways or pathways are dirtier than those in bedrooms or guestrooms. Additionally, if your pet or children sit and play at a certain spot, you should focus on cleaning it regularly.

Use a napping brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and pollutants in high-traffic areas every day. Another way to keep these sites sanitary is to place area rugs that you can wash every week.

Know When To Hire Professionals For Carpet Cleaning

Never assume you don’t need to hire professional cleaners for sanitising the carpets when ending a tenancy. Tenants losing bond money due to dirty or inadequately-clean carpets is common. Therefore, you should hire professionals performing quality end of lease cleaning in Darwin to sanitise your carpets as well.

Another way to determine whether you must book professional cleaners is to ask your landlord whether the end of lease cleaners sanitised the fixtures before your lease agreement started. If yes and the landlord shares a copy of the bill, you are obligated to hire professional bond cleaners in Darwin to sanitise the carpets.


Carpets in homes gather dust, dirt and grime every day that mar their appearance and make them smell extremely bad. Therefore, you should sanitise these fixtures routinely and follow the other tips and guidelines shared above.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to seek the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin when you end a tenancy and need to get your bond back in full.