Ensuring A Successful Bond Cleaning: Landlord’s Perspective

Ensuring A Successful Bond Cleaning: Landlord’s Perspective

By : Sophie

According to a recent study, the demand for homes in Darwin is high due to the limited supply. However, more and more people are looking for rental accommodations at affordable prices.

That’s one of the reasons why it becomes imperative for property owners and landlords to maintain clean and organised premises to attract more and more potential tenants. As per the tenancy laws in Northern Territory, the tenant must return the rented property in a clean state to get the bond back.

But, you can’t overlook the aspect that landlords have to ensure that the property is pristine when a new tenant visits it. Thus, bond cleaning or end of lease cleaning plays a crucial role in meeting this goal.

The attention-to-detail bond cleaning Darwin ensures tenant satisfaction and helps you retain the property’s reputation and market value.

Here is a complete guide to help you understand the importance of a successful end of lease cleaning from a landlord’s perspective:

What is the Importance of Bond Cleaning?

Believe it or not!  Bond cleaning is important for both parties, i.e landlords/property owners and tenants.

For renters/tenants, they have to thoroughly clean rented properties and secure their bond money by meeting the cleaning standards set by the landlord. This can help clean a house in the correct order as per the standards.

On the other hand, landlords or property owners can benefit from bond cleaning as it prepares the property for potential new tenants and minimises the risk of conflict over the deposited security.

Here are some of the key benefits of a clean and tidy property from a landlord’s viewpoint:

  1. Helps in Attracting New Tenants

A clean, well-maintained, germ-free property can attract potential tenants easily and quickly. So, it should be thoroughly spruced up and maintained in good condition to gain the interest of new tenants while reducing the vacancy period.

  1. Retains Property Value

A professional bond cleaning Darwin helps maintain the top-notch condition of the property and prevents mould infestation and other serious damage.

The removal of accumulated dust, dirt, stains, mould and mildew from the entire property can help you retain its market value while protecting your long-term investment.

  1. Ensures Tenant Satisfaction

A well-maintained and spic & span property sets the right example and leaves a great impression on outgoing tenants.

Satisfied renters will follow the cleaning guidelines, which in turn leads to smooth transitions without any conflict.

  1. Minimising Turnaround Time

The turnaround time between outgoing and incoming renters will automatically reduce when a property is thoroughly spruced up according to the cleaning standards. This ensures a consistent flow of rental income if you are a landlord.

Who is Responsible for Bond Cleaning?

In Northern Territory, tenants or renters are responsible for end-of-lease cleaning or bond cleaning. They have to return the property in a pristine condition (except for fair wear and tear) during the end of a tenancy.

The tenant pays the bond money when signing the lease agreement, and it is held by the state government’s rental bond authority throughout the premises. If the tenant fails to clean the property according to the set standards, landlords have the right to withhold full or a part of the bond money. So, a tenant should know the cleaning checklist to achieve desired outcomes.

However, both parties need to plan and communicate in advance regarding the cleaning expectations before the final move-out.

As a landlord, you can keep the following tips in mind and ensure a successful cleaning outcome:

  1. Provide Precise Instructions to your Tenant

It is important for your tenants to know what is expected from them in terms of sprucing up a rented property at the end of a lease. So, make sure you mention everything in the lease agreement and provide a written cleaning checklist or guide so that you can get the property in the same condition as it was at the start of the tenancy.

That’s where property condition report plays a vital role. Tenants should re-check the report before the final move-out.

  1. Conduct a Pre Move-Out Inspection

This is one of the great chances to check any areas that need proper cleaning before the tenant moves out. You can also click photos of the property in its current condition to prevent rental disputes if you deny handing over the full bond money.

  1. Be Reasonable

It is important to keep a reality check on your cleaning expectations. Accept the fair wear and tear and other marks around the property during a final rental inspection.

Specific Conditions when a Landlord Performs End of Lease Cleaning

There is no denying that tenants are obligated to perform bond cleaning Darwin at the end of a tenancy. However, there may be some situations where a landlord ends up performing it. The reasons are:

When tenant’s Fail to Match the Cleaning standards

If the current tenant fails to spruce up the premises according to the REINT-approved checklist, then the landlord may choose to perform it themselves to ensure the property is approachable for the new tenant.

When a Landlord Hires Cleaning Professionals

A landlord may hire a cleaning company on behalf of the tenant to remove stubborn stains, grime and grease from different surfaces. In such a case, the cost of cleaning service is usually deducted from the tenant’s bond money.

Here are some of the best tips to hire reliable professionals for a thorough cleaning of a rented property.

Wrapping Up

Bond cleaning is important from a landlord’s perspective as well because it helps in finding a new tenant easily and also maintains the value and reputation of the property. As a responsible landlord, you should communicate properly with the outgoing tenant and ensure a smooth and stress-free cleaning at the end of a tenancy.