Essential House Cleaning Tips to Protect Your Family from Viruses

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Essential House Cleaning Tips to Protect Your Family from Viruses

By : Sophie
With COVID-19 being declared a pandemic and the number of cases rising, it is more important than ever to stay safe and protect everyone in your household. Besides taking measures like social distancing and self-isolation, keeping your house clean and sanitary is required to flatten the curve. Maintaining hygiene at home will protect your family from coronavirus and other types of viruses/ bacteria, along with keeping everyone healthy.

Doing this is especially crucial for people who are planning to move because they will have to venture out for completing formalities, interact with professionals for assistance, and get supplies for packing. Even if you have hired end of lease cleaners in Darwin, regular cleaning and sanitising are required before you move out.

Inhibiting the spread of germs in-house is in your hands and here are essential house cleaning tips by professional cleaners in Darwin to follow for protecting your family from viruses.

Purchase TGA-approved Cleaning and Disinfecting Products

For effectively purging your home to remove contaminants and kill illness-causing viruses purchasing potent and reliable cleaning and disinfecting products is required. The best way to identify if the products you are buying are effective is to check the Therapeutic Goods Administration approves them. Some of the brands that are available in Darwin that sell TGA-approved products are Pine-O Clean, Dettol, Lysol, Myo, etc.

Investing in these products is wise because most of them are made with ingredients that can kill coronavirus and other disease-causing microbes. Professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin use TGA-approved products to effectively and efficiently perform bond cleans. If you want to clean and disinfect your home like an expert, then investing in the right cleaning and disinfecting supplies is vital.

Follow the Two-Step Process: Clean then Disinfect

Before you start sanitising your home to protect your family from viruses, bacteria, and other illness-causing microbes learn the two-step process of cleaning then disinfecting. Many people use the terms interchangeably and think both are the same.

However, according to professional cleaners in Darwin, they are two different activities. Cleaning is done for removing contaminants like dust, dirt, grime, spillage, etc., from surfaces whereas disinfecting is performed to kill microbes on the surface. Therefore, for making the objects and surfaces in your home sanitary following cleaning with disinfecting is required.

Clean and Disinfect High Touch Surfaces Frequently

How are illness-causing viruses and bacteria transmitted from one person to another? Besides water droplets, the transmission of microbes happens via commonly touched surfaces such as switches, handles, knobs, appliances, stair rails, gadgets, toilet seats, faucets, etc. Therefore, it is essential to create a list of all the high contact surfaces in your home and clean then disinfect them frequently.

Sanitising high touch surfaces becomes imperative when you are moving because members of the household have to go out to complete tasks and people who you’ve called for assistance enter the property.

Sanitise Cleaning Tools and Use Disposable Wipes (if necessary)

People often neglect to wash and disinfect their cleaning tools like brushes, microfiber cloths, dusters, and mops, which is a bad habit. Unclean tools should not be used because rather than removing pollutants off surfaces, they cause more contamination and spread of germs.

Professional cleaners in Darwin ensure their cleaning tools are free of contaminants and germs, which is why they can get excellent results and sanitise homes effectively.

Using clean supplies is one of the best ways to stop the spread of harmful microbe. However, if you wish to minimise the usage of cleaning tools, one option is to use disposable wipes on small areas or to clean and disinfect objects. Using disposable wipes is convenient, and they can be used for sanitising high-touch surfaces and objects.

Ensure Every Household Member Maintains Personal Hygiene

Ask every member in your household to wash their hands and faces every time they get home by school, office, the market, or any other outside place. Washing hands is among the most effective ways to get rid of illness-causing viruses and prevent their spread by touching.

In addition, ask them to keep sanitisers on-hand when they go out to ensure they can sanitise their hands, surfaces and objects whenever required. Maintaining personal hygiene is of utmost importance to ensure you don’t get infected by a virus and infect those around you a well.

Steam Clean Everything!

If you have a steam cleaning machine or a regular cloth steamer, then use them to sanitise your home effectively. For people who don’t have the equipment investing in a steam cleaning machine would be a wise decision. Cleaning and disinfecting with steam is convenient, eco-friendly, and effective.

Most of these machines produce vapours with a heating point of 70 -100 degrees Celsius which can kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microbes immediately on contact. Modern steam cleaners come with different attachments and can be used for mopping floors, disinfecting surfaces/object, sanitising carpets/upholstery, and much more.

Many professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin use steam cleaning machines to perform the crucial task of bond cleaning. Thus, for removing illness-causing germs from your home like a professional purchasing a steamer/steam cleaning machine would be ideal.

Wrapping Up

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak and the panic, it is essential to attain peace of mind by keeping your surrounding sanitary. Along with adhering to the rules of the lockdown or social distancing, it is imperative to follow the tips mentioned above to protect your family from viruses.

These tips will especially help people who are moving out and require assistance to keep their property clean and disinfected even if they have hired a professional end of lease cleaners in Darwin.