How to Choose Reliable Cleaners When Moving Out of Your Rental?

How to Choose a Reliable Company

How to Choose Reliable Cleaners When Moving Out of Your Rental?

By : Sophie
It is no secret that the relocation process can be a nerve-racking experience. You not only have to focus on the packing and organising, but the uncertainty of getting back the bond money is always there in the back of your mind.

Thus, experts believe that you should hire professionals who provide reliable and affordable end of lease cleaning in Darwin. But the important question that the tenants often face is how to choose reliable cleaners? It is not as difficult as it seems.

All you need to do is to focus on all the factors that can possibly affect the quality of the cleaning service. If you need some guidance, here are some ways that will help you choose reliable cleaners when moving out of your rental. Let’s have a look!

Ask For References

If you want to choose reliable cleaners when moving out of your rental, one of the first things you need to do is to talk to your friends, family, neighbours, and colleagues. Ask them which company they hired when they moved the last time and if they want to recommend any names.

If they are recommending any name, then you should know the reason that impressed them. It can be their excellent cleaning, cost-effective price, safe products and modern tools, transparency, client-centric policies or any other factors. Any references from your known people usually prove very helpful. You get to know a lot of things about the cleaning company.

Do Some Research

With so many options available in the market, it can be a daunting task to find out professionals, who perform reliable bond cleaning in Darwin. However, if you do your research properly, you can choose the right cleaning experts. Visit different comparison sites to find out the reputation of a company in the market.

Read the customer reviews to know about their quality, cost, transparency, cleaners and other such things. Knowing all these things will help you to select the reliable cleaners. If possible, talk to any previous customers to understand about the cleaning company more appropriately. So, start your preparation as early as possible so that you can get enough time for the research.

Cleaners should follow a Detailed Checklist

End of lease cleaning is different from regular house cleaning. In this type of cleaning, you need to clean every corner of the property, so that it can satisfy the landlord/property manager. Thus, all reputed cleaning professionals clean the rental property by following a standard checklist.

They follow this checklist to ensure that they do not skip any surface that can allow the landlord to deduct the bond money of the tenant. So, a professional cleaning company that follows a cleaning checklist is a sign that it is reliable. Talk to the removals companies you have shortlisted and ask if they follow a standard cleaning checklist or not.

Consider the experience factors

When you are looking for a reliable cleaner at the end of lease period, always opt for seasoned professionals. End of lease cleaning is very important because it involves a hefty amount of bond money. Thus, you don’t want to take any chances with the cleaning quality.

Over the years, the experienced professionals, who carry out end of lease cleaning in Darwin, have cleaned several residential properties. They are aware of what kind of challenges they might face in the cleaning process and also know how to resolve them quickly.

Owing to their experience, they know what the landlord expect during the final inspection, so they clean the rental property accordingly. You can rely on the experienced cleaners.

Eco-friendly approach

One of the most important signs of a reliable cleaner is that they always prefer to follow eco-friendly approach. That is why they follow green cleaning. This type of cleaning reduces human exposure to dangerous chemicals as well as cleaning residues.

More importantly, it also minimises the negative impacts of the on the environment. Several cleaning companies in Darwin are progressively following green solutions for cleaning.

So, before you commit to any end of lease cleaning company, make sure that the professionals follow eco-friendly products and practices. It involves using safe products that meet the safety and health criteria, microfiber technology, equipment that reduce noise pollution etc.

Cleaners should provide Guarantee of their cleaning

When the cleaning involves your security deposit, it is important that you choose a company that will provide a guarantee of their cleaning. All reputed companies that offer end of lease cleaning in Darwin provide a guarantee of the cleaning service they offer.

If your landlord finds any flaws in the cleaning, then the company will resend their professional cleaners. The experts will rectify the issue without taking any additional charges. So, any company that assure you about the quality of the service is reliable.

Know About the Price Policy

There are many cleaning companies that charge their clients on an hourly basis. It can be way more costly than your budget, so experts believe that you cannot rely on this method of pricing. Cleaning is a complicated process, so it can be difficult to estimate the total time of the cleaning process.

All reputed companies quote a price in advance as per the size of the property and stick to that price. It helps the tenant to plan the budget properly. Thus, you should only shortlist those cleaning experts who quote a specific price for the entire cleaning process.


Professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Darwin can be very helpful when you are moving out of the rental. They can not only help you get back the bond money but also save you time and energy.

So, you can focus on other essential aspects of moving. Thus, you need to hire reliable cleaners. Before you choose any cleaning experts, always consider the factors mentioned above.