How To Clean And Disinfect Your Home For A Newborn

How To Clean And Disinfect Your Home For A Newborn

By : Sophie
Welcoming a newborn is a joyful feeling, marking the beginning of an exciting journey. However, it comes with the responsibility of making sure that the child has a healthy environment to live in.

This makes cleaning and disinfecting your home more important than ever. But it won’t be easy as things will get hectic when it is time for the baby’s arrival. Cleaning will be the last thing you will think about at that time.

However, if you don’t want your newborn to catch any disease, taking care of your house is essential. You must understand that wrong cleaning products can directly affect your baby’s health, especially if they contain harmful chemicals.

Thus, you need to choose the right products and cleaning methods. Here is how you can clean and disinfect your home for a newborn safely. Follow these tips to keep your house healthy and sanitised.

1. Clean up the Clutter

Decluttering is one of the best methods for fall injury prevention. A home full of clutter can be unsafe once the baby learns how to crawl. To clean your house for the newborn, donating, selling, recycling, or just getting rid of the unnecessary stuff is recommended.

It is common for people to collect things that they don’t use or to hold onto items that no longer serve them. Most of that stuff should be eliminated. This includes things like old newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Professional bond cleaners in Darwin recommend decluttering every item that you don’t use.

2. Dust the House

To avoid diseases and allergies, it is vital to ensure your home is dust-free. When combined with humid conditions, dust can encourage fungal and bacterial growth. If your home isn’t clean, the newborn can develop allergies, leading to asthma and other similar conditions. Make sure to dust the following:

  • Ceilings
  • Ceiling fans
  • Light fixtures
  • Electronic devices
  • Air vents
  • Shelves

After dusting shelves and other similar surfaces, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust that has naturally settled on the floor. Vacuum the padded furnishings, under cabinets and inside the drawers, and other hard-to-reach areas that rarely get attention.

3. Floor & Carpet Cleaning

For cleaning carpets and floors of your home, it is recommended to hire professional bond cleaners in Darwin. If you want to do it yourself, you need to have a good quality machine and time to spare. Just sweep and mop the floor to ensure better air quality throughout your home.

Similarly, vacuuming your carpets regularly is essential to protect your newborn from germs and viruses. For deep cleaning, consider using a steam cleaner to eliminate buried dirt and grime, as those are often missed by vacuum cleaners.

4. Maintain Clean Air Quality

Keeping your indoor air quality as clean and fresh as possible is vital. You want to ensure the air your baby will inhale is fresh.  If you haven’t cleaned your home’s air vents and ducts for a long time, they will be dust-filled. Deep clean them with soap and water and wipe using a microfibre cloth.

Regularly open the windows and doors to let the fresh air inside to replace the indoor air pollutants. Make sure there’s proper ventilation in every room, including the kitchen and the bathroom. For both of these places, it’s best to install and use exhaust fans to remove moisture as well as odours.

5. Kitchen Cleaning

Before the baby comes home, expert bond cleaners in Darwin recommend cleaning every area of the kitchen. Because you will be cleaning bottles, preparing milk, and cooking food items for the baby, it’s vital to ensure the kitchen is the cleanest place in your home.

Firstly, clear out the cabinet and drawer space to store the baby’s items. You can keep things like bottles, bottle rings, pacifiers, etc., in these spaces as they are easy to access.

But to ensure the cabinets are ready, clean them thoroughly, along with cleaning greasy range hood and filter, countertops, and other similar areas where dust is visible.

6. Sanitise the Home

To disinfect your home, it makes sense to sanitise every spot. Any invasion of bacteria can bring in several germs, which will impact the newborn negatively. Household items like towels, clothes, cooking containers, etc., carry germs if not sanitised often.

Whether it’s the living room or the bathroom, every area in your home needs proper sanitisation. Focus mainly on spots that are often missed, such as the light switches, remotes, doorknobs, etc.

Furthermore, ensure you do this routinely, which will help you create a safe and hygienic environment for your baby. Make sure that the sanitiser you use is free of harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients. It should be natural baby baby-friendly.

Wrapping Up

Preparing for your baby’s arrival is an exciting time, but your to-do list can easily make you tired. This is how you can easily forget about creating a healthy environment for your newborn. Follow this guide to keep your home in the best possible condition. If you’re too busy, then consider hiring bond cleaners in Darwin, as they have specialised tools and can get the work done efficiently.