How to Clean Tile Grout Lines using Natural Cleaners

Men cleaning tile grout lines using brush

How to Clean Tile Grout Lines using Natural Cleaners

By : Sophie
Tile grout lines are among the dirtiest areas in homes because no one usually thinks of cleaning them. Most grouts accumulate dirt, grime and mould, making them appear dark and grimy. These dirty lines can mar the appearance and attractiveness of any tiled area. What’s more, tenants can lose their bond, if the grouts are dirty during the final inspection.

Therefore, besides sanitising the tiles, you must focus on cleaning the tile lines. You can hire professionals offering end of lease cleaning services in Darwin to adequately clean your rental property and help you get 100% bond refund.

For maintaining household hygiene and keeping these areas sanitary all year round, follow these expert tips for cleaning tile grout lines using natural cleaners. Have a look.

Wash With Castile Soap & Water

One of the simplest ways to clean tile grout lines is to scrub them with a solution of castile soap and water. Since both are natural ingredients, you won’t introduce harsh chemicals into your indoor air or the environment in general. Green cleaners performing professional end of lease cleaning Darwin often prefer natural products over commercial ones because they are more sustainable.

Thus, if the tiles and grouts in an area are getting dirty, clean them with castile soap and hot water first to see if it works. You can add 5-10 drops of an antimicrobial essential oil like lemon, tea tree or eucalyptus to add fragrance to the solution and make it more potent.

Clean With Baking Soda & Dishwashing Liquid

You need a cleaner with extra scrubbing strength to remove gunk from heavily soiled grouts.

  • In a container, mix baking soda, dishwashing liquid and water to make a runny paste.
  • Apply it on the lines with a sponge or brush and leave for 30-45 minutes.
  • Next, scrub the lines with a brush.
  • Move top to bottom. It is a technique bond cleaning professionals in Darwin use to get optimum results.
  • Wash the lines after scrubbing with warm water or wipe with a microfiber cloth.
  • Repeat the process if the grouts remain dirty.

Kill Grout Mould With Cleaning Vinegar

Cleaning vinegar is a natural mould remover you can use instead of ammonia or bleach. It can effectively and efficiently kill the fungi without causing toxic fumes and pollution of your indoor ambience. All you need to do is spray the solution the tile grouts and keep them saturated for at least an hour.

Once the dwell time is complete, scrub the lines with soap and a firm bristled brush. Wash the scrubbed area with warm water and wipe with a dry microfiber cloth to prevent moisture accumulation and regrowth of mould. Keep the room well-ventilated to avoid the smell of vinegar from lingering and dry the newly cleaned grouts fast.

Make A Paste Of Hydrogen Peroxide & Cream Of Tartar

Both these ingredients are readily available in homes and can clean almost any household surface naturally. You can make a homemade natural cleaner with hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar paste in a container and apply it generously on the dirty grout lines. Keep it on for 10 minutes then agitate the grime and dirt with a soft brush.

Wipe the residues with a damp microfiber cloth then a dry one to reveal whitened grout lines. This paste is great for targeted brightening of grouts that get extremely grimy. You can use it to spruce the tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, and other high traffic areas.

Steam Clean The Grouts

Grime, gunk and germs can gather inside tile lines and become difficult to remove without elbow grease. But, if you loosen the build-up with steam, you can save a lot of time, energy and effort. Steam can reach a temperature over 300º Celsius and kill germs that cause contagious infections instantly. You can use a hand-held steam dispenser with a nozzle tool to target specific areas of the tiles and make the grouts easier to sanitise.

However, while using steam, be careful to not overheat the tiles causing them to develop cracks. Move top to bottom while cleaning grouts to prevent cleaned areas from re-contamination.

When To Hire Professional Bond Cleaners?

Tenants can lose their rental bond if tile grout lines become dirty due to their negligence of sanitising tiled areas. Avail of a professional service for end of lease cleaning in Darwin if the grouts are mouldy and you cannot clean them adequately for the final inspection. Since professionals have the training, the right equipment and quality products, they can sanitise each and every area of your house effectively and efficiently.

The Bottom Line

Tile grouts lines accumulate gunk and germs over time when you don’t scrub them regularly. They can jeopardise your bond refund and make your home look dirty and unkempt. Thus, either hire professional bond cleaners in Darwin to deep them your rental property or use the tips shared above to clean tile grouts with natural cleaners.