How To Get Rid Of Pet Dander

How To Get Rid Of Pet Dander

By : Sophie
Having a pet is common for most families nowadays. Pets are known to bring joy and happiness to a house. However, the delight of pet ownership also comes with a few challenges, especially for people with pet allergies and asthma. One challenge is dealing with pet dander. It is composed of small flecks of skin, hair, and feathers.

It could be shed by dogs, cats, and other pets. It can trigger allergies, which makes it a major concern for many families. That is why learning the ways to eliminate pet dander is important. Hiring bond cleaners in Darwin is best recommended, especially if your end of tenancy date is not far away.

But at other times, you must do it yourself. Here is how to get rid of pet dander. Follow these tips for maintaining an allergy-proof home.

1. Groom and Bathe your Pets Regularly

Creating and adhering to a regular grooming and bathing routine for your pets in the house is the best way to keep the dander away. Brush your pets and bathe them using hypoallergenic pet shampoos. It will support significantly in removing the loose fur and will aid in reducing the quantity of dander they shed.

Incorporate grooming and make it a regular part of your pet care routine, especially during the shedding seasons. During such seasons, the dander is at its peak, so it is essential not to skip grooming. This way, you not only manage to eliminate dander but also promote the comfort and health of your pets.

2. Clean and Vacuum Frequently

An essential step to ensure there are minimum signs of pet dander is to establish a home cleaning schedule. For deep cleaning, hiring bond cleaners in Darwin is the best option. But for maintaining cleanliness on a regular basis, using a vacuum cleaner is highly recommended. Regularly vacuum the needed spots and surfaces using a HEPA filter.

Do not just limit your efforts to the floors. You must cover the upholstery, curtains, and pet bedding. Furthermore, use a damp cloth for wiping down the surfaces and eliminating the settled dander.

For floors, use a pet-safe floor cleaner. Doing this on a consistent basis prevents the dander from spreading and building up. Regular cleaning will ensure your home looks aesthetic and provides comfort to your family members.   

3. Invest in Air Purifiers and Filters

For maintaining a cleaner and healthier environment, expert bond cleaners in Darwin recommend investing in air purifiers. High-quality air purifiers with HEPA filters and other similar devices are designed specifically for trapping and filtering out pet hair, dander and other allergen. This helps significantly improve the home’s overall air quality.

The ideal rooms to place these air purifiers are the ones that are commonly used. Closely analyse the different types of purifiers and the benefits of using specific filters. It includes filters like activated carbon filters and UV-C light systems.

Doing this will ensure you are maximising their effectiveness. Regular use of these purifiers provides relief to allergy sufferers due to a continuous reduction in the amount of dander.

4. Wash the Bedding and Toys of the Pets

Do not forget to consistently wash the fabrics, bedding, toys, or other items that your pet may come in contact with often. Start using hot water and hypoallergenic detergent to ensure the cleaning is thorough and the dander is eliminated. Not only is cleaning them important, but drying them entirely is also crucial to prevent mould growth, which can worsen allergies.

Explore the best laundry practices, acquire adequate knowledge and apply them regularly. Find the ideal water temperature and adequate detergent for the job to maintain a healthy and dander-free home.

5. Establish Pet-Free Zones

There is no better way to deal with pet dander than to prevent it from spreading in the first place. Declare areas such as your bedroom as pet-free zones. A strategic approach like this allows you to enjoy a dander-free environment during the hours you are asleep. For this purpose, use things like door barriers to restrict your pets from these areas and rooms.

You can explore psychology and train your pets not to enter such spaces. Learn and apply effective and proven training techniques to make sure that the boundaries you established are respected. This will ensure there are no pet-hair problem areas in your bedroom.

6. Maintain the HVAC System

Another crucial step for keeping your home clean is maintaining the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Inspect them on a frequent basis and also service them accordingly. Servicing will include air filter changes, air duct cleaning, etc.

A major advantage of a well-maintained HVAC system is that it filters out airborne pet dander, leading to a significant reduction in the quantity. The frequency of changing the air filter plays a big role here. It is best to look at the manufacturer’s guidelines on the heating and cooling systems. But as a general rule, the filter should be replaced every 90 days or so.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining a dander-free environment in your home may seem like a daunting task. However, if you follow a well-prepared plan, it will be easier to keep the home hygienic and clean. Additionally, if you are leaving your rental property soon, then consider hiring bond cleaners in Darwin for the job.