Testing Weird And Wonderful Cleaning Hacks Seen Online

Testing Weird And Wonderful Cleaning Hacks Seen Online

By : Sophie

Cleaning a home is always a tough job. In addition to being tough, it also requires a lot of time and effort. If you are using the basic methods, you will be spending a lot of time and energy on every cleaning task. This is where using some effective strategies and hacks can prove to be helpful. The internet is full of weird cleaning hacks. You will find plenty of tricks you can use for cleaning different surfaces in your living space.

However, not all the hacks you see online are perfect. Some of them do not work at all. Plus, it is hard to know which ones work and which ones do not just by watching the video. This is where testing before using them becomes crucial. In this article, we will test some of the weird and wonderful cleaning hacks seen online. It will help you learn which ones you can use.

1. Using Salt and Grapefruit to Remove Soap Scum

You will often see this hack on the internet. It basically suggests that there is no requirement for any fancy soap or chemicals to remove the soap scum in your tub and shower or anywhere else. Just using salt and grapefruit will be enough. The great part is that this weird hack actually works. The citric acid in grapefruit and the salt’s roughness work in combination to power through the tough scum. Also, it leaves behind a pleasant smell. The procedure is not very difficult either.

  • Take about half a grapefruit and add a layer of salt on top of it.
  • Rub the surface with the grapefruit.
  • You will see the scum beginning to lift.

Due to its effectiveness, you are likely to see professionals who do expert bond cleaning Darwin use salt and grapefruit to remove soap scum.

2. Mixing Baking Soda and Vinegar for Cleaning

It is a fact the using baking soda or vinegar on their own is a great option for cleaning multiple surfaces in your home. However, the hack in which you combine both of them just does not work. Mixing them won’t create any sort of cleaning magic. The idea might excite many homeowners since the mixture bubbles up. In reality, the combination of vinegar and baking soda is nothing more than a solution of some salt and water.

This is because vinegar has acidic properties, while baking soda is quite basic. So, when you mix them, they chemically cancel each other out. The bubble’s abrasive nature might help in lifting some mess away, but the solution won’t actually clean anything. It will just rinse all the dirt with water. This is why experts who do professional bond cleaning Darwin do not recommend mixing baking soda and vinegar for cleaning.

3. Cleaning the Toilet With Vinegar

cropped picture of a person cleaning a toilet seat

Another hack or tip you will find on the internet is using vinegar to deep clean the toilet, and it actually works due to the acidic nature of vinegar. The great part is that the cleaning procedure is quite straightforward. Simply pour white vinegar (one or two cups) in the toilet bowl. Allow it to sit there overnight so that it can do its work. During this time, vinegar will break down hard water stains or debris. Next morning, scrub around the bowl with a toilet brush. This hack is easy, simple, and effective, which makes it ideal for most homeowners.

4. Using Salt to Preserve the Colours on Clothes

No one wants to see the colour of their favourite shirt or dress fade. This is where you will often see people recommend a hack where you will have to soak the clothes in a salt solution. However, this hack simply does not work, so it is better to skip it. Experts have tested this trick and have concluded that it does not work, which is why you will see professionals who offer services like house cleaning and budget bond cleaning Darwin do not recommend this hack.

5. Microwaving Moist Sponges to Make Cleaning Easier

Often, microwaves can get messy due to the splattered food. Cleaning it can prove to be tough. There is a great hack you will find on the internet that guarantees easy microwave cleanup. It is basically about microwaving some moist sponges at a high temperature for no more than one minute. The sponges will make way for moisture inside the microwave, which will permit you to wipe down anything that is stuck.

Using the warmed sponges can be a great option for wiping. Just refrain from grabbing the overheated sponges so that you do not get burned. Sponges are a cleaning essential, and that is why you should have them in your home.

6. Cleaning the Washing Machine With Mouthwash

Another weird hack you will see on the internet involves the use of mouthwash to clean the washing machine. It is true that mouthwash can kill all the germs in your mouth, but that does not mean it can clean the machine.

It is considered that something that is safe to use in your mouth won’t be able to clean the machine effectively. So, refrain from using mouthwash to clean the washer. According to professionals who do cheap bond cleaning Darwin, it is best to use the self-cleaning feature if your washer has one or just explore other DIY methods.

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Wrapping Up

The Internet is full of cleaning hacks. Some of them are weird, and some of them are wonderful. Knowing which ones work and which ones do not is highly important if you want to get the best results.