The Complete End of Lease Cleaning Guide to Help You Get Your Bond Back

spray bottles, sponge, wiper and rubber gloves

The Complete End of Lease Cleaning Guide to Help You Get Your Bond Back

By : Sophie

The uncertainty of getting back the bond money when you are moving out can be extremely stressful. Focusing on your relocation responsibilities and cleaning the rental property at the same time can be a challenging task. Tenants often make some mistakes in the cleaning, which gives the landlords a chance to deduct money from their security deposit.

This is why many people prefer to hire a reliable company that offers efficient and cheap end of lease cleaning in Darwin. Their professionals follow a checklist to clean the property. But if you are cleaning on your own, you should know the essential spots. Here is a complete end of lease cleaning guide to help you get your bond back. Let’s have a look.


When it comes to the end of lease cleaning, your bathroom can be the most important room. This is because tenants don’t pay attention to its cleaning, which allows landlords to deduct money from the security deposit. Thus, if you want to get the amount back, clean your bathroom thoroughly.

You can either use commercial cleaners, natural cleaning agents or hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Darwin. When you are cleaning the bathroom, focus on every spot because the property managers examine this place carefully. Here are a few spots that require a deep cleaning at the end of the lease period.

  • Toilet: Your toilet can be the dirtiest place, so clean it properly with a toilet cleaner and brush.
  • Sink: The bathroom sink also requires deep cleaning. If you don’t want to use branded products, use baking soda.
  • Bathtub: It is one of those things in the bathroom that immediately grab the attention. So, clean it perfectly.
  • Shower Glass: Remove the hard water stains and soap scum from the shower glass and make it look clean.
  • Faucets: People often forget to clean the faucets. Rub lemon on the faucet to remove the hard water stains.


This is another essential room that requires your attention. As people cook here every day, you will find cooking oil, grease and dirt deposit everywhere. At the end of lease period, it is crucial to remove them properly and make your kitchen look sparkling clean.

Always remember it is important to impress and satisfy your property manager during the final inspection. There are numerous types of kitchen cleaners available in the market, so you can purchase them as per your requirement and use them. You can also use natural cleaning products like white vinegar, baking soda, lemon, salt and so on. When cleaning your kitchen, focus on the following areas.

  • Oven: It can be the dirtiest kitchen appliance and very difficult to clean. If you want its deep cleaning, hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Darwin.
  • Sink: If the kitchen sink is stainless steel, wipe it down with a few drops of mineral oil and a soft sponge. It will look shiny!
  • Cupboards and Cabinet: Wipe down the drawers and shelves with a wet clothe properly to remove the dust and dirt.
  • Garbage Disposals: Toclean your garbage disposal, drop a couple of ice cubes, a few slices of lemon, and a spoonful of salt. The salt and ice will eliminate the built-up residues while the lemon deodorises it.

Living/ Bedroom

Your living room or bedroom might not be as dirty as your bathroom or kitchen; still, they also require deep cleaning. If you haven’t deep cleaned the place in a long time, then it must have accumulated dust and dirt.

To avoid such a scenario, you should hire cleaning professionals from time to time and keep your rental property clean. This helps you to get the bond money back without any disputes with the landlord. Here are a few spots that require your special attention when cleaning your living room and bedroom.

  • Wardrobes and Cupboards: You need to vacuum the wardrobes and cupboards properly as an inspection agent can check them from inside. Wipe them with warm, soapy water before drying them.
  • Carpets: It is important to remove stains, pet hair, dust and dirt from the carpets. However, if you don’t want to take any chance, Hire professionals who carry out end of lease cleaning in Darwin.
  • Windows: You need to clean the glass of the window from both sides. Make sure there is no dust or stickers on the glasses.
  • Blinds and Curtains: Apart from the windows, you also need to clean the blinds and curtains. People often ignore the blinds as they are challenging to clean and pay the price. Use socks to clean it effectively.
  • Light Fixtures: You should not forget to clean the cobwebs and dust from the light fixtures. Use a long-handled broom to clean it.
  • Walls: If there are any stains like crayon marks or furniture marks on your wall, then you must remove it. Use tools like a magic eraser to clean them.
  • Skirting Boards: People usually forget to clean the skirting boards at the time of cleaning the walls. Its cleaning is essential because it accumulates dirt and dust. Take a duster to wipe off the board surface.

Should You Get End of Lease Done by Professionals?

It is important to note that every tenant doesn’t have the choice to perform the end of lease clean themselves. Many property owners and managers insert a clause in the lease agreement that requires the tenant to hire end of lease cleaning experts in Darwin to get the property deep cleaned before moving out.

The tenant has to provide the bill and receipt of the cleaning to get the landlord to file for claiming the bond. Therefore, it is essential to talk with your property owner/manager and reread your lease agreement to know whether you can perform a DIY bond clean or need to book professionals.


End of lease cleaning is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is to plan your cleaning properly and follow a standard cleaning checklist to ensure you don’t miss a single spot. Use this end of lease cleaning guide to impress your landlord and get your bond back. But if you don’t want to task any chances, hire professional cleaners.