Tips For Maintaining The Lifespan Of Upholstered Furniture

Tips For Maintaining The Lifespan Of Upholstered Furniture

By : Sophie

It is a fact that upholstered furniture adds a touch of elegance and comfort to any residence. This is why taking care of upholstery is highly important if you want to ensure it last long. However, it is easier said than done. Keeping your upholstery in pristine condition can prove to be one of the major challenges.

Factors like everyday wear and tear, accidental spills and the collection of dirt can negatively impact the life and quality of your upholstered furniture. This is why your primary focus should be on following adequate care and maintenance techniques, as they are the only way you can safeguard your investment.

Learning such techniques and then applying them will help you keep the furniture looking beautiful for longer. Hiring professionals who do house cleaning and budget bond cleaning Darwin is also something you should consider.

Here are the tips for maintaining the lifespan of upholstered furniture. Apply them to ensure your upholstery lasts as long as possible.

1. Vacuum the Upholstery Regularly

One of the most crucial things you can do to maintain your upholstery in pristine condition is to vacuum it frequently. Doing so is important to ensure dust, dirt, and debris do not settle into the upholstery fabric. Make use of a soft brush attachment with your vacuum cleaner to vacuum the surface gently and focus on the seams and crevices. This basic yet effective practice will help you maintain your upholstery in a clean condition.

2. Keep the Upholstery Protected from Sunlight

It is considered that extended exposure to sunlight can negatively impact upholstery. Sun exposure is neither good for you nor your upholstery. It can make the fabric fade and also deteriorate. This is where it is best recommended to use blinds, curtains, and UV-protected films on windows.

It will help safeguard your upholstery from the sunlight, reducing the chances of the fabric getting damaged. Occasionally, rearrange the furniture so that sunlight’s impact is distributed evenly.

3. Promptly Treat Spills

cleaning stains on a couch

It is more than likely that accidents will happen sooner than later and you will spill something. The most vital thing you can do here is act as quickly as possible. The best way to do so is by using a paper towel or clean cloth to ensure you absorb as much liquid as possible.

Refrain from rubbing the spill because it might distribute the stain and cause damage to the upholstery fabric. After blotting the spill, professionals who do the best bond cleaning Darwin recommend using a mild upholstery cleaner.

4. Frequently Rotate Cushions

Rotating cushions regularly is ideal if you want to ensure even wear and tear. Doing so once each week will go a long way in ensuring that their shape is maintained. Rotating the cushions will prevent them from getting uneven. In theory, it might seem like a very basic practice, but rotating cushions help maintain upholstery in the top condition for an extended period. As for cleaning them, it is best to use DIY methods.

5. Schedule Professional Deep Cleaning

Upholstered furniture can benefit a lot from occasional deep cleaning sessions. Professional cleaning can help eliminate deep, ingrained dirt and allergens. Most basic cleaning methods, such as vacuuming, won’t be able to do the job effectively. Firstly, it is important to know how frequently you should get the upholstery deep cleaned by professionals.

Anywhere between 12 – 24 months is the ideal time, depending highly on the frequency of usage as well as whether or not you have children and pets at home.

Next, you must find a reliable company that knows how to clean the specific upholstery type you own. Make sure the one you hire utilises eco-friendly methods. Hiring professionals who offer services like house cleaning and cheap bond cleaning Darwin is always better than deep cleaning upholstery yourself.

6. Ensure the Pets Stay Off the Furniture

Letting your pets hang around the furniture is not the smartest thing to do as a pet owner. Train and teach your pets to stay off the furniture, and let them know what their designated area for hanging out and roaming around is. Taking such preventive measures will help a lot in ensuring your upholstery lasts long.

7. Refrain from Placing Sharp Objects Near Upholstery

Keeping the sharp objects away from the upholstery is important, or else you might end up causing any unwanted damage. Stay cautious if you do need to place any of the sharp objects near the upholstered furniture. This is because things like keys, belt buckles, and other similar items have the ability to scratch the fabric or even tear it in some cases.

Ideally, you should avoid causing this issue by simply removing all the sharp objects from your pocket before you sit on the furniture. Furthermore, consider using some protective covers.

8. Opt for Throws and Slipcovers

Slipcovers and throws are useful beyond just adding a decorative touch to upholstered furniture because they can offer an added layer of protection. They can easily act as a barrier against pet hair, spills, etc., which will make cleaning work easier for your preferred experts who offer services such as house cleaning, deep cleaning, and professional bond cleaning Darwin. Try to select washable and removable slipcovers since they offer more convenience.

Strategies to Make Your Upholstered Furniture Last Longer

Maintaining The Lifespan Of Upholstered Furniture

Wrapping Up

To prolong the lifespan of your upholstered furniture, it is important to take preventive measures and deal with issues like spills immediately. By applying the tips mentioned in this article, you can ensure your upholstery looks clean for years to come.