Tips To Deodorise Your Garbage Disposal Naturally

Tips To Deodorise Your Garbage Disposal Naturally

By : Sophie

One of the quickest and cleanest methods to remove specific food wastes is using a garbage disposal. However, it is more than likely that unpleasant garbage disposal smells will develop depending on what you put into the disposal. Certain things, such as grease, shells, and oil, won’t be able to go into the garbage disposal as they will obstruct the blades. You can put foods like fruit scraps, fruit pits, vegetable scraps, etc., into the garbage disposal.

But it is worth noting that if you do not clean the disposal regularly, such foods will certainly break down in the drain, making way for bad odours. Even though garbage disposals provide a certain level of convenience to homeowners, the bad odours that remain in the disposal will become intolerable if you fail to take care of the situation.

According to professionals who do cheap bond cleaning Darwin, it is important to deodorise your garbage disposal. Here are the tips to deodorise your garbage disposal naturally. They will help you get rid of the bad odours.

1. The Primary Cause of Garbage Disposal Odours

Put simply, garbage disposal is designed specifically for breaking down food waste and food scraps. This way, they can be washed down the drain. It includes a wide variety of foods, including cooked meats. But if you fail to regularly clean the garbage disposal, the food waste and the remnants will likely stick to its insides. As time goes on, the waste will start to break down and release strong, unpleasant odours.

After that, the odour of decaying fruit, meat, and vegetables will exude from the drain and seep into the air. It is true that even after an instant rinse, some food pieces will remain housed in the disposal. Due to this, it is vital to frequently clean, deodorise, and neutralise the garbage disposal odours.

2. Mix White Vinegar and Baking Soda

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Using white vinegar and baking soda is one of the most straightforward ways to clean and deodorise the garbage disposal. This is why bond cleaning Darwin professionals recommend using this combination. Begin by taking about one-quarter cup of baking soda and adding it to the disposal. Follow up with adding one cup of white vinegar.

The combination of these two ingredients is just perfect for killing germs and bacteria that cause bad odours. It will also help clean away the mineral deposits from the drain’s inside. After adding the ingredients, let them do their work for anywhere between five to ten minutes. During this period, baking soda and white vinegar will eat away the food waste. After that, use cold water to rinse the garbage disposal. The odour will be removed. Baking soda and vinegar are so effective that they are also used for cleaning mould.

3. Clean and Deodorise With Salt and Ice

It is worth noting that running water into the garbage disposal assists in lubricating the blades and the food remnants into the drain. You can use salt and ice in a similar manner. They are perfect for cleaning and deodorising the disposal. This is because the salt has the ability to neutralise the odours, while ice is perfect for eliminating the grime. Simply add a few cubes of ice to the disposal before adding a handful of salt. Ensure the disposal is on so that it can break cubes and spread the salt throughout the disposal’s interior. Repeat the procedure if needed to eliminate the odours.

4. Consider Ground Citrus Peels

It is not wise to toss a full orange peel directly into the garbage disposal. This is because the peel might clog the drain or block the blades. But if you are able to grind up the citrus peels, you can use them to clean and deodorise the garbage disposal. Just pick any citrus fruits that you have, or pick a particular type of fruit if you prefer its smell. Simply peel the fruit before grinding up the citrus peels into tiny pieces.

Turn on the disposal and run cold water into the drain. Next, add the peels to the disposal. The citrus oils will definitely kill fungi and bacteria that cause odours. They will replace the bad odours with the citrus scent. According to bond cleaning Darwin experts, using ground citrus peels is one of the best ways to clean and deodorise citrus peels.

5. Use Bottle Brush

According to the professionals who do cheap bond cleaning Darwin, physically cleaning the garbage disposal’s inside is another effective way to eliminate unpleasant odours. It is best not to use your hand and rather use a long bottle brush for cleaning. Firstly, turn off the breaker switch for your disposal. It will guarantee that it does not turn on when you are cleaning.

Pour some liquid dishwashing soap onto the brush. After that, use the brush to scrub the disposal’s inside and get rid of the lodged food waste. After scrubbing, turn on the cold water to properly rinse the drain. Now, you can turn on the breaker switch. In some models, you might need to press the reset button. Most probably, it will be located on the disposal’s bottom. It will reset the internal circuit breaker, and after that, you can use the disposal.

How to Get Rid of Garbage Disposal Odours:

Deodorise Your Garbage Disposal Naturally

Wrapping Up

Keeping your garbage disposal clean and odour-free is essential. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to deodorise your garbage disposal naturally. This way, your kitchen will be back to smelling fresh in a quick time.